About Us

AeroPass will be the newest jet ride-sharing membership platform for business executives and frequent flyers. We will offer an exclusive chartered flight service that will be designed for convenience and cost-effectiveness for business executives and people who want to travel with fewer encounters with other passengers or a crowd of travelers. As a member of AeroPass, you will enjoy many perks and privileges of flying in an exclusive shared jet journey. AeroPass will strive to serve you with a world-class experience tailored to bring you a quick and convenient way to travel from one city to another.

AeroPass Membership Cards

AeroPass is a brand new service model focusing on business executives who need to travel directly to their frequently visited areas. The AeroPass jet travel membership system will provide membership cards for affiliate members. Therefore, the affiliate members will be allowed to book an aircraft for the hour or the entire day. Also, several membership tiers will provide different sets of perks and privileges most suitable to your travel lifestyle.

AeroPass Membership Cards

The AeroPass jet travel membership system will be like the Zipcar membership, where you will need a driver’s license to be eligible for membership admission. At AeroPass, you will also have the option to undergo training as a private pilot with instrument ratings that will make you eligible for membership. The company will issue a membership card that will allow members to book an aircraft for the hour or the entire day. However, only registered members will be allowed to book the plane, and only certified pilots will be permitted to operate or park the aircraft in designated areas.

How It Will Work

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Apply for an AeroPass Membership

The idea of AeroPass membership jet sharing travel will be to allow members to fly anywhere in an exclusive shared jet travel. The client will have to apply for an AeroPass membership card.

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Find a Journey

Once approved, the member will be able to use the AeroPass Mobile App for easy access and ride-booking. The member will indicate the private jet landing stations with helipads or designated parking lots across cities and nearest to your destination.

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Select a Jet & AeroPass Deal

AeroPass will enable the member to book a jet ride for a couple of hours or the whole day. The member will be able to enjoy flexible reservations, scheduled travel, or shared aircraft rides.

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Reach Your Destination Safely and Stylishly

Through the AeroPass jet ride-sharing membership platform, the member will avoid getting stuck in traffic, will enjoy faster travel time, and will be able to reach several cities in a day.

AeroPass Deals

The concept of the AeroPass Jet Membership Card will combine flexibility with outstanding value for light aircraft flyers. Through this card, members will be able to enjoy all-inclusive hourly rates, flexible jet sharing options, along exclusive perks, deals, and discounts throughout the year. It will allow members to travel from city to city affiliated with the AeroPass jet travel service.

The affiliated member will choose from among the following categories and enjoy unique benefits for each tier.

Silver Card

Gold Card

Bronze Card

Premium Card

Soon to be Features of the AeroPass Jet Travel Membership Program

  • Members will be able to jet ride following their timetable
  • They will have guided and immediate airport flights near their desired travel destinations
  • It will provide ease of use and convenient mobile application
  • It will aim to free the members from Transportation Security Admission (TSA) requirements
  • It will allow pets and animals to ride in the jet
  • Members will be able to book anytime, anywhere, using their smart mobile devices

AeroPass Members will be able to Jet Travel in Style with the AeroPass Membership Card

Add your journey and destination

The idea will be to enable members to download our mobile app, will be able to add their journey, will access a web interface, or will be able to call our toll-free number at their convenient time and place. They will select a trip from the preset options and will choose the airport or landing area nearest their destination.

Find another member to jet share

AeroPass will allow members to be able to share the same journey with another AeroPass member and will be able to save half of the flight’s cost when they share a jet. The Cirrus and Vision jet aircraft will be able to carry up to six passengers. Members will also b able to arrange their team’s one-way, round trip, and multiple flight trips for a business meeting or leisure trips in other cities.

Arrive at the jet station

AeroPass members-only jet travel will ensure passengers’ safe arrival in the nearest airport, under-serviced locations, or designated parking lot closer to their destination. The pilot will be allowed to leave the aircraft in the designated area of arrival or bring back the passenger jet to the central station.

AeroPass, Inc. will be the newest jet ride sharing membership platform for business people, entrepreneurs, executives, and leisure journeys. For inquiries on how to avail of the AeroPass shared jet travel membership card, kindly fill in the necessary details below, and our team will respond to you shortly.

The AeroPass membership card will allow you to reach places faster, easier!