About Us

Who We Are?

AeroPass will be the newest jet ride sharing membership platform for business executives, entrepreneurs, and frequent flyers. By becoming an AeroPass member, you will be able to enjoy charter flights and a jet ride sharing program that will allow you to schedule trips exclusively or with a group to travel from one US city to another, including journeys to Canada.

AeroPass shared jet travel membership system will be an exclusive charter flight service designed for convenience and cost-effectiveness for business executives and people who want to travel with less encounter with other passengers or a crowd of travelers.

The AeroPass jet membership card will be member-only access to the aircraft that offers several categories of membership options with different extra benefits. AeroPass will be developing a web-based user interface and mobile application to allow members to access flight schedules, book, reschedule, and jet technology anytime and anywhere,

When AeroPass members will use the web-based interface or AeroPass mobile app, they will be able to access, book, reschedule, and use jet technology anytime and anywhere.


The AeroPass jet travel membership platform’s mission will be to provide hassle-free, efficient, and economical means of chartered flights using the Cirrus and Vision Jets. AeroPass will strive to ease land transportation stress while giving safe and trendy rides for its authorized members. We will adhere to the international aviation policies to uphold the highest safety and security, ensuring our members are of utmost confidentiality, comfort, and convenience.

Why Clients Choose AeroPass?


According to research by GobeAir, an average commercial flight journey will expose the passenger to 700 touchpoints, whereas a private jet passenger encounters 20 touchpoints. Therefore, jet travel will reduce the health and safety risks by about thirty (30X) times lower than regular flying on a commercial plane. With fewer passengers at private jet terminals, both cabin crew and passengers will interact with only a handful of people, further reducing health contamination risk.

Privacy and Security

Celebrities, athletes, government officials, CEOs, and other prominent personalities will need utmost privacy and security when traveling. AeroPass jet membership card will allow point-to-point travel to maintain the confidentiality and security of high-profile people. They will be able to walk up straight to the aircraft through the private terminal away from curious eyes.


Exclusively chartered flights have become more reasonably priced in recent years. Flight costs have reduced by 50%, bringing them closer to the rates of a first-class or business class seat of a commercial plane. Frequent private jet flyers traveling in groups or accumulated at least 150 flight hours per year will be able to save so much more than regularly flying in the premium cabins.

Today, a traveler can book a midsize private jet to fly from New York to Miami for around $10,000. Since AeroPass membership will allow you to share the ride with other members, you will be able to lower the trip’s cost further when you travel in groups.  AeroPass membership jet travel will allow you to travel on-demand, which makes private air travel more affordable.


Private jet travel will remove the waiting time that most travelers spend around airports on a commercial carrier. Using the AeroPass jet travel membership card, you will be able to schedule your flight as needed, will arrive 15 minutes before takeoff, and will be able to accomplish immigration forms in minutes. For business executives and entrepreneurs whose time is as valuable as money, flying a private jet will allow busy people to maximize their time onboarding by keeping in contact with their clients and will stay productive the entire flight.

Comfort and Amenities

Since private jet travels will be exclusive to members only, passengers will have the option of having the entire cabin for themselves, thus freely bringing their pets with them, including other necessities, and benefit from unlimited luggage capacity.

AeroPass jet ride-sharing membership platform will use the Cirrus Vision and Eclipse Jets that provide an exceptionally relaxing and comfortable flight. The jets will boast plush leather seats and spacious cabins with undeniably more room for the head and shoulder. It will consist of panoramic windows, entertainment display screens, and connectivity ports for a superb in-flight experience.

AeroPass Advantages

Now, more than ever, passengers and flight crews will be prioritizing health and safety during travel. AeroPass jet ride sharing membership platform will rise to the challenges by providing a better way of traveling exclusively without draining your bank account.

AeroPass members-only shared jet travel will enable you to ride in a Cirrus Eclipse or a Vision jet. You will arrive at your destination conveniently. As an AeroPass member, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

  • You will avoid traffic; thus, you will save a massive amount of time
  • You will be able to access reliable jet travel as needed
  • You will be able to fly in style on charter flights
  • You will be able to operate the aircraft as a Private Pilot with instrument ratings
  • The membership plan will be inclusive of fuel and insurance
  • You will be able to access it anytime and anywhere
  • You will enjoy a lifetime membership guarantee, perks, and privileges

FAA-CFR Compliance

AeroPass will be filing for Parts 121 and 135 Certification of the Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations to comply with the Federal Aviation Administration’s requirements. We are in the process of procuring all necessary documents, licenses, clearances, permits, authorization, tests, and assessment procedures from several offices, governing bodies, and agencies to obtain the FAA-CFA Certification.